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Marketing Portfolio

After dedicating 15+ years to pursuing a career as a professional equestrian and 4 years of professional training and coaching, I came to a realization that I could no longer grow in the career. Instead of staying stagnant in an emotionally gratifying yet unsustainable career, I chose to seek challenge and empowerment.


Since making the pivot,  I have gathered multiple certifications and many happy clients. These are a few of my projects I have worked on.

The Buckle Wireframe

The Buckle

The equestrian industry lacks an accessible, mobile-first, digital platform for buying and selling horses. My co-founders and I are working to finally bring a UX-minded equine marketplace to the horse industry.

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WiseHorseWoman specializes in "Congruency Coaching," a practice of wellness and self-care for entrepreneurial women who want to re-connect with their divine feminine. Her background is in psychology and equine therapy, and while congruency coaching does not require working with horses, it is inspired by holistic and intuitive horsemanship.

Mighty Buildings Cinco

Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings is a deep tech start-up that 3D prints houses and ADUs. It was my introduction to the digital marketing world. As a fast-faced start up, I had to hit the ground running and learn fast. 

Horse & Heart

Nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains overlooking the Monterey Bay, Horse and Heart Ranch is the ideal space for peace and healing. As a non-profit and active members in the community, they work with families in transition, foster children, and neurodiverse adults through Equine Experiential Learning and Intuitive Horsemanship.

SM Somatic Coaching

Stephanie Meux has a holistic approach to disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting to the human body. Through Equine Experiential Learning, natural horsemanship, dance, and massage, she brings body-based wisdom in the digital age.

REVL x Zipworld


REVL is a hardware-powered SAS start-up for high-intensity experiences like ziplining, skydiving, and driving experiences.

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