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Mighty Buildings is an Oakland-based start-up specializing in sustainably produced 3D printed houses and ADUs. It was my first professional introduction to marketing. As a Marketing and Customer Success Intern, I created and executed a social media calendar, coordinated content creation, managed the social media accounts, assisted the team with website design and UX, wrote copy for the website and brochures, nurtured leads, managed the customer service email, gave tours of the warehouse, planned events and pop-ups, created and managed email campaigns, and dabbled in graphic design to support these tasks. It's a mouthful, but that's the beauty of start-ups... you get to wear many hats!

For the interview process, I created digital marketing and branding strategy suggestions. I wanted to emphasize the start-up's sophistication and elegance through its digital marketing platforms as well as connect brand recognition across all channels.

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Social Media Strategy and Management


My primary purpose was to create a social media strategy, implement a social media calendar, and manage all channels- Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook. For content strategy, I prioritized establishing credibility through client testimonials and case studies. I coordinated content creation by connecting with a videographer, photographers, set designers, and clients. I made sure all channels were active, messages and comments were responded to, leads were nurtured, and posts were posted.

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Website Copy and UX

I supported the website development team by providing copy and offering feedback on user journey and experience. My writing and grammar fluency was frequently called upon by the primarily international team. My strategy for the brand voice was to convey professionalism and sophistication, while also communicating warmth and excitement for sustainable practices. As for UX, I wanted the audience to learn about the incredible technology of 3D printing without being overwhelmed. Users were efficiently guided through essential information about the product but also had the option to "nerd out" and learn about the technology if they wanted to.


Event and Pop-Up Planning

After noticing the success of Mighty Building's pop-up in LA, I suggested adding other locations. There was not a demo unit in the Oakland warehouse where tours were given, so I recommended selecting a northern Califonia location to provide prospective clients a tangible example of the product. San Jose was the location that made the most sense because of its population density and number of feasible properties to house an ADU. Once approval was given, I took on the project- finding possible locations, contacting landlords, negotiating proposals, and coordinating logistics.

I also assisted the team with "Demo Week," a week of webinars and fireside chats with Mighty Buildings executives, architects, designers, and other industry professionals. The purpose of demo week was to educate, raise awareness, and excite potential investors. The event was a success.

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