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WiseHorseWoman, aka Lori Halliday is an "aligned congruency coach." She guides women through equine leadership experiences, wellness coaching, and journey work. I brought her vision into life by constructing course syllabuses and implementing a marketing strategy to generate consistent donors for her scholarship funded programs. I developed a lead journey strategy and designed the digital marketing materials to support.

To create new leads and gather lead information, I proposed a free e-book accessible through the WiseHorseWoman website. Prospective clients could sample congruency coaching through this 7-day journey. I did all of the copy, graphics, and content.

I recommended providing students with materials to coincide with their sessions and learnings. I designed a workbook for each congruency coaching module based on the syllabus and exercises taught.

To establish credibility, generate community awareness, and encourage cross-promotion, I added a podcast to the marketing strategy. Lori interviews influential people to explore a place of authenticity, congruency, and deep wellness. Aftger Lori conducts an interview, I edit and post the each episode.

Queens' Council

I wanted WiseHorseWoman's Instagram to be an accessible resource for introductory level congruency coaching. By establishing credibility through informative content, WiseHorseWoman doubled her clients in three months.

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